Your Smile is More Than Just Your Teeth

Have you ever looked at someone’s smile and thought their teeth looked fake? That’s because cosmetic dentistry can sometimes focus too much on the teeth themselves, and not on the teeth and the whole person. Your smile is more than just your teeth – it’s your personality, your other facial features, your whole person. Dr. Pham is a Chula Vista cosmetic dentist who considers the whole patient, not just their teeth.
A cosmetic smile “makeover” should recognize that everyone is different, and your smile should not look like everyone else’s.
When deciding what to do to make a smile more beautiful, a cosmetic dentist should look not only at your teeth, but at the nerves and muscles that create your bite. They should also sit down with you for a specific consultation about what you do and don’t like about your smile, and what the options and procedures are that are available to you and your specific needs.
At the Center for Beautiful Smiles we have a special service for smiles — Custom Smile Design. After a personalized consultation that takes into account your overall elements of your smile we can decide the best way to:

  • reposition crowded teeth
  • fix uneven or missing teeth
  • replace fillings
  • close gaps
  • whiten teeth

With our Custom Smile Design process we create a plan that is customized to YOUR teeth and smile. We never use a “cookie cutter” approach to enhancing what is naturally yours.
If you are interested in this custom process to make your smile its best, call today and request a FREE smile consultation. (619) 421 2155

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