If you’re looking for a superior Invisalign experience, you’ve come to the right place. 

$3,650 All-Inclusive Invisalign® System

At our office, we value the health and happiness of those we serve; as a testament to that, we believe that procedures, like Invisalign, should be accessible to all! For $3,650 All-Inclusive Invisalign, the following services are offered at no additional expense:

  • Initial Consultation (virtual, if you prefer)
  • iTero 3D Scan
  • X-rays
  • Photos
  • All Clear Aligners
  • All Office Visits (virtual, if you prefer)
  • All Additional Aligners (if necessary)
  • Free Retainers

What Makes Invisalign Different?

Invisalign is the secret to not only achieving a straightened smile, but enjoying the orthodontic process! As an exceptional alternative to metal braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. Because they are nearly invisible, most people won’t even know you’re wearing them. Additionally, unlike traditional braces, there are no metal brackets or wires that can cause irritation to your mouth. That means you can feel great, look fantastic, and enjoy confidence throughout treatment! Best of all, you can remove your aligners to eat, brush, and floss as usual – so you can keep up with your oral hygiene routine throughout treatment, and enjoy all your favorite foods. 

Straightening your smile with Invisalign typically takes about 12 months, but treatment time will vary depending on your individual case.

Our Unparalleled Experience

At our San Diego, CA office, you will find a team of dedicated professionals that are among the top Invisalign providers in the country. Because of the passion we have for patient care and procedural perfection, we have spent hours honing our skills, attending training, and completing courses to ensure that we offer the best possible service. Thanks to our experience and commitment to excellence, we are able to provide our patients with a smooth journey that presents the best outcomes. You can feel confident that you are in good hands when you come to our office for your Invisalign treatment.

When attending your in-office or virtual consultation, we will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals so that you can get the best results from Invisalign. Overall, our goal is to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that you can be proud of.

Why Choose Invisalign?

If you’re considering Invisalign, you may be wondering what the benefits are. Here are some of the top advantages of this popular orthodontic treatment:

  • Invisalign is virtually invisible. This is one of the biggest benefits for many patients who don’t want their orthodontic treatment to be noticeable.
  • Invisalign is removable. You can take your aligners out for special occasions, or whenever you need to. This means you can continue to eat all your favorite foods and brush and floss normally to keep your teeth healthy during treatment.
  • Invisalign is comfortable. The aligners are made of smooth plastic that won’t irritate your gums or cheeks the way metal braces can.
  • Invisalign is convenient. You can continue your busy lifestyle without having to make many adjustments for orthodontic treatment. 

As an added bonus, our office offers the convenience of virtual appointment opportunities, as well as virtual impressions with iTero technology!

Am I a Candidate? 

For the right patient, Invisalign is a fantastic form of orthodontic treatment that can produce life-changing results in a short period of time! But who is the right patient for Invisalign?

The best candidates for Invisalign are those who have mild to moderate misalignment of their teeth. If your teeth are only slightly out of alignment, Invisalign may be a great option for you! Patients with more severe misalignment may still be able to use Invisalign but may require a longer treatment time or additional support from other forms of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign works well for treating the following orthodontic concerns:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth

If you’re not sure whether Invisalign is right for you, the best way to find out is through a consultation with our team! We’ll be able to assess your individual case and give you our professional recommendation on the best way to achieve your desired results.

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