A Chula Vista Dentist’s Holiday Teeth Tips

The end of the year is full of occasions to celebrate, including many holiday parties with family, friends and co-workers. Naturally, sweets and other treats are the “stars” of the season. Indulging or “bending” your diet is almost de rigueur but keeping your teeth in shape isn’t something you should bend the rules on, even at this festive time of year. You can always diet away a few extra pounds, but tooth decay is not reversible. Dr. Pham, and all the staff at the Center for Beautiful Smiles in Chula Vista, wish you a happy holiday season and offer you these simple teeth tips to keep your teeth on track during the holiday season.
1.     Need a nifty gift? Try a designer toothbrush, some flavored floss or some sugar free gum. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers (that keep your teeth and your wallet healthy!)
2.     If you have any dental work that needs to be done, think about doing it now. You don’t want to find yourself skipping holiday fun because you have to “stay off your teeth”!
3.     During the holidays it seems like everywhere you turn there are treats. If you don’t already carry a toothbrush with you anyway, be sure and tuck a travel toothbrush in your purse or glove compartment and stay on the lookout for places you can sneak in an extra brushing after treats.
4.     Drink water, and then drink some more. Sugary drinks and alcohol are out in force during the holidays. Water keeps you hydrated, and it washes away food particles that stick to your teeth and make decay-forming bacteria.
5.     Sugar free gum is your holiday friend. Keep some with you in case you can’t brush. Sugar free gum promotes saliva production, which is your teeth’s first line of defense against bacteria.
6.     Are you planning to travel by plane during the holidays? Read up on “traveler’s breath” and  “teeth squeeze” in case either happens to you: http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=H&iid=306&aid=1252
7.     Know who to call after hours if you break a tooth, or lose a piece of dental work with some of the holidays’ more dentally treacherous treats – nuts and caramel. Knowing where to go for dental help after-hours can make your life easier. (Call our office for local sources.)
8.     Lastly, don’t let your paid-for dental insurance benefits go to waste! Many insurance plans have preventive-care benefits included, but if you don’t use them they are lost. Call your provider today to see is that’s your case, and then make your appointment before the end of the month.
Call us today to set up an appointment (619) 421 2155, or use our online appointment scheduler page: http://www.centerforbeautifulsmiles.com/schedule-now.

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