Why you SHOULD get adult braces | from your Bonita adult braces dentist

Do you wonder if you should spend the money on straightening your teeth, while there are many other priorities in your life? Isn’t it just cosmetic? Dr. Pham, your Chula Vista and Bonita adult braces dentist, explains briefly why you absolutely SHOULD get adult braces.
Aside from liking your smile better, investing in adult braces is an investment in keeping your overall health. Often adults who need braces, in addition to having crooked or overcrowded teeth, also have incorrect bites. Your bite is the way your upper and lower teeth come together. When you have a misaligned bite you have a greater chance of plaque build-up and food particles lodging between teeth. These two conditions feed each other and result in tooth decay and gum disease. Both tooth decay and gum disease can have subtle to strong effects on your overall health.
In the long run the investment in correcting your bite will be compensated with better oral and overall health.
There are now several options for adult braces that work well and are not as invasive as the traditional “metal mouth” versions of yesterday. Call our Chula Vista – Bonita dental office today with any questions you have about adult braces. We are here to help. (619) 421 2155.

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