What Would I Look Like With Teeth Whitening? / Chula Vista

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with whiter teeth? Now you can see immediately, from the comfort of your computer chair! It’s as easy as uploading your own photo onto Crest’s See Yourself With a Whiter Smile page. By following easy instructions you can try different levels of whitening on your photo and see how it affects your appearance. It’s a fun way to begin to look into making your smile the best it can be.
At the Center for Beautiful Smiles in Chula Vista, Dr. Pham is experienced in evaluating, counseling, and treating patients who seek teeth whitening services. We offer several types of teeth whitening including:
* in-office whitening
* Zoom II power bleaching
* preparation of take-home whitening trays
Whitening works best on stains that come from outside the tooth, such as coffee, tea, wine, smoking, or aging. If your teeth have yellow, orange or brown coloration, teeth whitening can be very effective. Whitening is less successful with stains that come from inside the tooth, such as from too much fluoride or from tetracycline during formative years. These grayish stains may be better treated with other options such as Lumineers (a patented procedure that covers the teeth) or veneers.
See our Services web page for more information about teeth whitening, and the other services we offer.
In any case, Dr. Pham is happy to speak to you about your particular situation and explain the procedures that would be right for you. Call us today for a free teeth whitening consultation. (619) 421-2155.
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