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What are your options for braces? Today there are many more than in years past. Here is a brief synopsis of each kind, with their pro’s and con’s. Dr. Pham treats many patients with braces and would be happy to answer your questions. We want to be your Chula Vista dentist choice!
Traditional Braces
Metal (traditional) braces: use metal brackets (glued to the front of teeth) to attach the arch wire to your teeth. In the past, brackets were metal bands that went all the way around the tooth and were much more noticeable than today’s metal braces.

  • Pro’s: least expensive option, move teeth faster than other options, customizable with colored rubber bands!
  • Con’s: most noticeable kind of braces, they tend to be initially less comfortable than other options

Ceramic Braces
Ceramic braces: are similar to metal braces but use tooth-colored ceramic brackets to attach the arch wire instead of metal ones. The ligatures, or tiny rubber bands, that hold the arch wire in place are also clear or tooth colored. Sometimes even the arch wire is tooth-colored as well.

  • Pro’s: move teeth faster than other options, not nearly as noticeable as metal braces
  • Con’s: more expensive than metal braces, ligatures can stain if not taken care of properly (but are replaced regularly)

Invisalign braces: are a brand of braces that consist of strong plastic trays (aligners) that are customized to your teeth and replaced every 2 weeks as your teeth move evolve into their new positions. They resemble mouth guards and can be removed as easily. For Invisalign success stories go here.

  • Con’s: more expensive option, can be lost (and are costly to replace), severe problems cannot be treated with them, are available for adults and teens but not children
  • Pro’s: almost invisible, easier to clean than traditional braces, do not irritate the mouth as traditional braces can

Lingual Braces
Lingual braces: are similar to metal braces but instead of brackets being placed on the outer surface of the teeth they are on the inside surface, behind the teeth. Other people cannot tell you wear braces.

  • Pro’s: they are invisible to everyone else
  • Con’s: are harder to clean, tend to hurt your tongue and make it hard to speak, not all dentists offer them because they require special dental training to use, tend to be more expensive, regular adjustments take longer to do

Lumineers: are not, strictly speaking, braces. They are the application over your existing teeth of a patented porcelain called Cerinate. The procedure can correct stained, chipped, crooked and misshapen teeth in 2 appointments. Depending on your dental issue, it’s a technique that can be used instead of braces.

  • Pro’s: extremely rapid, takes only 2 appointments, painless
  • Con’s: only certain problems can be treated

Don’t hesitate to call us today and find out more about the options that are best for you and your teeth. We always offer free consultations to discuss your treatment – for new or existing patients. (619) 421 – 2155

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