The Perfect Valentine's Day Follow-Up

Valentine's Day Followup
Cupid’s arrow has been cast and it’s either hit its mark or fallen short. That’s okay. Whatever your grand gesture was for Valentine’s Day, just know that the world will continue to spin, whether you knocked it out of the park or struck out.
A lot of people were thinking the same thing this Valentine’s Day, just like they do every year. That’s why the U.S. Food Market 2018 reported based off of market research that Valentine’s Day is the 3rd biggest sales day for chocolate, trailing only Easter and Christmas.

So, What Does this Mean for Your Teeth?

Halloween gets all the attention when it comes to oral health. Dentists all over the country warn their patients to ease up on the sweets on Devil’s Night. But nobody really says anything about Valentine’s Day, which actually beats out Halloween in chocolate sales (numbers 3 and 4, respectively).

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive Post Valentine’s Day

Did you get something obvious for your valentine this Valentine’s Day? Those heart-shaped candies, those chocolate roses — they can do a lot more damage than you think (and not just to your sense of originality, either). Here you thought you were getting a classic gift, but, really, you’ve opened your love up to a Trojan horse of oral health problems.
The truth is, tooth decay occurs whenever bacteria turns sugar to acids in your mouth. Slowly, your tooth’s surface starts to get eaten away, eventually giving way to cavities and tooth decay. Foods and drinks (like wine and coffee) also stain your teeth over time.
Let us guess, you had Starbucks in the morning with your love, then wine in the evening this past Valentine’s Day. The day as a whole was great for your relationship, but not so great on your pearly whites. But we have a solution to this problem you might not even know you have.

Get Your Teeth Venus White® After Valentine’s Day

The solution is simple. At Center for Beautiful Smiles, we offer Venus White®, a personalized professional whitening experience. We use a potassium nitrate solution, which is an active ingredient in all major sensitivity toothpastes which eliminates tooth sensitivity altogether, paving the way for a comfortable, rewarding experience for your teeth.
We can do both regular and extra strength procedures, depending on patient need and results desired. Venus White® is a fast and convenient procedure that can be done over the course of a lunch break, or anytime you come into the office.
For long-lasting teeth whiteness that stands the test of time and your Valentine, contact Center for Beautiful Smiles today.

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