The Lowdown on Dental Veneers

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Sometimes it can take a lot of work and a considerable amount of resources to keep your teeth looking amazing. For those who want to gain a celebrity-grade smile without braces or cumbersome dental work, Dental Veneers can be an effective and convenient alternative.
Dental veneers are an exciting option that can repair damaged teeth, a misaligned smile, and even gaps between the teeth.
A person’s smile is often the first thing we look at. Sometimes, even a person with an already perfect smile can experience tooth trauma, damage, or a number of other dental emergencies. In such cases and in cases where our patients would like to make minor to dramatic changes in their smile without getting braces, we’re proud to offer dental veneers.
Damaged and misaligned smiles alike can make a dramatic turn for the better in a simple procedure. We know how important it is to keep your teeth looking their best at Center for Beautiful Smiles.

What Are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer is a layer of material that gets placed over a damaged tooth, most generally for your upper front teeth. There are two different types or veneers and two different purposes they can serve. The first type can be bonded directly onto a damaged tooth, while the second type are fabricated in a lab by a technician, then attached to the tooth with a special bonding resin.
Veneers can be applied in just a thin layer, for mostly cosmetic purposes, or can cover the whole crown of a tooth for extra protection and robust shape.

What Kind of Dental Veneer Should I Use?

If your teeth have only minor cosmetic damage and still function properly, composite bonding veneers might be right for you. Composite bonding has to do with plastic filling material bonded to the tooth to enhance shape and contour, augmenting its appearance to improve your smile.
However, if your teeth are crooked, chipped, fractured, broken, darkened, or if your teeth are worn down due to excessive grinding, more durable porcelain veneers are likely to be your best option.

Do Porcelain Veneers Take A Long Time?

Not at all! After an initial consultation to visualize what the veneers will look like as well as how many teeth you’d like to treat, all it takes is two appointments spaced a week or two apart. We’ll prep your teeth and make our calculations to achieve the smile you want, then we’ll have your new veneers constructed in a lab to those exact specifications. Once your veneers are fabricated, they send them right back to us for placement. We’ll even set you up with a temporary set that you can wear after the first appointment while you’re waiting.
After you’re done, your veneers have the potential to last for well over ten years without chipping or breaking — even longer if you maintain them well.
Dental veneers are a quick, easy fix and a long-lasting way to repair problems with your teeth. We’ll give you a smile you can be proud of at Center for Beautiful Smiles, where we believe that everyone should be able to put their best foot forward. Our dedicated professionals are more than happy to help you with any aspect of shaping your perfect smile. Book a consultation anytime, and we’ll be able to tell you just what your teeth need to look their best. Your new smile is only a phone call away.

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