Looking for a dentist in Bonita? Cosmetic Dentistry Helps Your Smile Shine Through

Cosmetic dentistry is the array of techniques and procedures that make your smile its brightest and best. Though the true light of our smile comes from within, sometimes there are things about our teeth that we wish were different, more pleasing cosmetically. Smiling is the outward translation of our inner happiness, and of course if our smile translates with balance and beauty, so much the better.
If you are considering cosmetic dentists in Bonita and Chula Vista you will want to see Dr. Pham for a free cosmetic dentistry consultation. In addition to believing that all patients should be treated the way he would like to be treated himself, he believes that all dentistry should be cosmetic in that, even when it is a medical necessity, the work should be done with beauty as the partner of function. Dentistry has made great strides in this direction over the past few decades and new techniques allow for many corrections that were once impossible or simply too costly for most people.
Where only a short time ago you might have had to settle for stained or crooked teeth, there are now amazing ways of straightening, whitening, repositioning, and lengthening teeth. Closing gaps, repairing chips or missing teeth, replacing metal fillings, just generally countering the effects of age – all of these procedures are now services within reach of us all.
Dr Pham offers all cosmetic dentistry techniques and even has a special custom smile design service which focuses on adapting cosmetic work to the beauty that is specifically yours, including custom matching tooth color to your lip and skin color, shaping and positioning teeth, and even gum line correction when necessary. He firmly believes that for a smile to be beautiful, it must also look natural. For it to look natural, it must be adapted to you. For 2 interactive videos on the services included in custom smile design, including before and after photos of Dr. Pham’s work, see our webpage: Custom Smile Design.
For patient reviews of our work, see our Testimonials page here: Chula Vista and Bonita Cosmetic Dentist.
Dr. Pham’s goal is to make your smile more beautiful and completely natural-looking, so that you look and feel your best. If you are looking for cosmetic dentists in Bonita, Chula Vista, San Diego or the surrounding areas, Dr. Pham and his dedicated staff are for you.
Call our offices today to set up a free cosmetic dentistry consultation at  (619) 421-2155.

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