Afraid of the Dentist? Try Our Sedation Dentistry in Chula Vista

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Has it been years since you’ve been? No need to be embarrassed or afraid. Sedation dentistry offers a medicated state of deep relaxation, allowing you to get the dental work you need while remaining conscious and in total comfort. At Dr Pham’s Center for Beautiful Smiles in Chula Vista we offer this important service as a leading Chula Vista sedation dentist.
What is sedation?
Sedation dentistry is a technique where you take special medication the night before and then again one hour before your procedure. You become very relaxed, sometimes drowsy enough to fall asleep, but are conscious, breathe on your own, and can respond to questions by the dentist. This creates an optimal and comfortable environment for you.
What happens?
The dentist will discuss your medical history with you and ask about any medications you are currently taking to make sure that there are no conditions that should prevent you from using sedation. You will take a pill the night before your appointment and another pill an hour before the appointment. During the procedure, though you will be conscious, you will be very drowsy and relaxed and your vital signs will be monitored to ensure your well-being. Before and after your procedure you will be under the effect of the sedation and will need to be accompanied by a friend or family member to and from the office.
Who should have sedation?
Sedation dentistry is for people who are afraid of going to the dentist, as well as those with a low threshold for pain, with sensitive teeth, or a strong gag reflex. It also make sense for patients who are expecting to have a large amount of work done, since the sedation often makes the patient feel as if the work only lasted a few minutes when in fact it may have lasted several hours.
What are the benefits?
The benefits are that people who would avoid having dental work done can actually go through with it, which in turn brings them better dental health. Since patients are relaxed and comfortable the dentist can work more efficiently and can often get more work done in one session than without the sedation, saving time and money for the patient.
Are There Risks?
As with any medication there is always some degree of risk. However, the medications used for sedation dentistry have been used for decades and there is very little risk associated with them. The medications used are not addictive.
More information or a free consultation?
For a free consultation about sedation call our offices in Chula Vista today at  (619) 421-2155 or visit our website for more information at Information about Chula Vista Sedation Dentistry.

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