What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full Mouth Reconstruction is an intimidating term. It may bring up images of some kind of futuristic mouth transplant or recovery from a horrible accident. In reality, it is nothing so macabre. A full mouth reconstruction is a long-term treatment plan for a smile that needs extensive care. Since each person is different, the exact steps taken will vary from case to case, but we can go over some of what might go into getting your teeth back into shape.
If your teeth are worn down, chipped or even cracked or suffering from cavities, these issues will need to be addressed. Depending on the extent of the damage, this might include getting fillings, inlays, or crowns. If there isn’t enough tooth material available for these restorations, we might also opt for a surgical procedure called a crown lengthening. This removes some of the gum or bone and allows us to more easily place prosthodontics.
If you’re missing teeth, or if you have a tooth so damaged that it needs extraction, a replacement will need to be made. Dental implants offer realistic replacements for your teeth that do not need the special care that dentures do. Dental bridges are another option that can fill in the holes in your teeth. Implants might require some restoration to the bone with grafts to make sure that they can integrate properly with your body. The need for this will be determined with the help of an x-ray.
So now the restorations are done. Your teeth are healthy and your mouth is in one piece, but you still don’t like the look of your smile. Mouth restorations also involve cosmetic treatments. You may opt for veneers, covering up any imperfections and creating the same picture-perfect appearance as Hollywood celebrities enjoy. You might opt for whitening treatment instead.
Last, but certainly not least, every full mouth reconstruction comes with a complete oral exam. This is how the process starts, and it is this exam that establishes what will be done throughout the rest of the plan. Just like any other regular exam, this will also come with a teeth cleaning. This is an important part of your restoration. Even a small improvement in your appearance can greatly boost your self-image.
A full mouth reconstruction is similar to a smile makeover, but will address all aspects of your oral health as well as cosmetic concerns. If your mouth is in bad shape, talk to Dr. Pham about the advantages of a Full Mouth Reconstruction as soon as possible.

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