The Most Advanced Dental Procedures to Date

The Most Advanced Dental Procedures And Technologies

The dentists at the Center for Beautiful Smiles in Chula Vista, Calif., are highly trained in the procedures, materials, and technology to enable them to give you with the perfect smile and excellent oral health. But they don’t simply continue with what they learned during four years of intense study to earn the doctor of dentistry degree. Every year they each attend an average of 25 hours of continuing education to stay up with the state-of-the-art developments in the field.  Among them:
Digital X-Rays: We use only digital x-rays, which involve 80% less radiation than traditional film-based ones. These are very important to have done periodically so that your dental team can assess the health of your entire mouth structure, from seeing where jawbone might be receding due an infection to how strongly the roots of your teeth are in place. 
Intra-oral Cameras: We use the latest tiny cameras to illuminate your mouth and produce very accurate pictures that can be enlarged to examine hard-to-see problems. They can also be used to send photos to specialists in advance of your appointment with them.
CEREC One-Day Dental Crowns: We use the cutting-edge technology of the CEREC machine in our office to allow us to create crowns for damaged teeth that need that protection. Crowns look exactly like the visible top of a natural tooth. After removing any decay or damage, we take 3-D photos of the tooth and upload it with the information to match it to the appearance of the neighboring teeth. Sometimes this can be completed in one visit, a huge improvement over the usual 2-3 weeks it takes for a dental lab to craft one.
Lasers: Lasers deliver an intense light energy that can clean out gum infection better than traditional methods and speed healing, without the need to numb the area first or suture afterwards. Among other uses, they can also restore damaged nerves, do root canals to save teeth, and reduce discomfort from TMJ (a common jaw disorder).
6-Month Powerprox Braces: This is a revolutionary method of straightening teeth than can correct your smile in six months or less, compared with the process of traditional orthodontic braces, which can require one-and-a-half to two years to complete.
Dental Implants: We use the latest materials and techniques to replace teeth that have been lost or need to be extracted, restoring the appearance, health, and function of your mouth. With proper care, they can be permanent.

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