Simple Tricks to Get Kids to Brush from your Bonita Family Dentist

Finding ways to skip teeth brushing seems to be a childhood rite of passage. On the flipside it is also a parent’s rite of passage to get them to brush! Here are a few simple ideas to keep the little ones brushing, from Dr. Pham and his team at the Center for Beautiful Smiles, your Bonita family dental office.

  1. Invest in a special toothbrush: nothing seems to get kids into the bathroom like a new toothbrush, and especially if there is something special about it. Today there are tons of toothbrushes out there made to delight children — brushes with their favorite cartoon characters, brushes with sparkling lights or that make music. Even simply a new toothbrush that’s a different color can inspire a kid to get some brushing done.
  2. Change your toothpaste: there are many different toothpastes on the market for kids. Switch them up each time you reach the end of a tube and you will renew your children’s interest in brushing — for a while, at least.
  3. Set up a timer that makes it fun: kids (and adults!) tend to stay on task with a timer. See if your kids do better at brushing when you give them some kind of timer — a small sand hourglass from a game, a brushing video, or even just playing one of their favorite (2-minute + ) songs on cell phone (but keep it away from the water!!!)

Learning healthy habits during childhood can contribute to lifelong health. Keeping brushing fun and interesting may help to encourage the healthy habit of taking care of their teeth.

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