Reasons You Should Schedule a Checkup with a General Dentist Twice Per Year

More patients are turning their attention towards living healthier and more active lifestyles. This is great news, but its not all about the muscles and BMI’s. Let’s not forget about our oral health. U.S. patients are recommended to have at least two dental visits per year to prevent serious threats to their oral health.

Unfortunately, it can be a bad habit to schedule appointments only upon present dental problems. Common issues such as tooth misalignment, extreme sensitivity, and lost tooth enamel can be prevented by practicing regular dental visits. A dental checkup also prevents additional ailments such as gum disease or oropharyngeal cancer. It treats early signs of infection and examines your medical history. Minor problems can be treated with preventive dentistry, while serious conditions may involve more costly procedures and frequent appointments.

The exam is administered by a general dentist and is divided into two stages: the check up and cleaning routine.

Upon inspection, any signs of plaque and tartar will be removed. Plaque can eventually become tartar if it is not immediately treated. This will cause ailments such as gum disease, plaque, or tartar buildup.

Healthy gums contain shallow spaces, which is a key feature that will be checked during the examination. The dentist will also view other areas of the mouth and the head, face, and neck. They are also included in the assessment to see symptoms of inflammation and cancer.

After the check-up, a deep cleaning will be scheduled. This process involves using special tools to remove tartar, this is known as scaling. After the teeth have been scaled, they will be polished with dental paste for stain removal. Upon the conclusion of this procedure, you can finally floss.

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