Powerprox Braces, Your 6-Month Alternative to Traditional Braces

Woman Wearing Braces
For those patients who don’t like the idea of being in traditional metal or ceramic braces for the requisite 1-2 years to correct their smile, Powerprox Braces are a unique alternative. When a person gets traditional braces, that usually means they’ll be in their braces for 12-24 months to experience the best possible results.
However, Powerprox braces gets the job done in 6 months or less.

What is Powerprox?

Powerprox Braces utilize shape memory technology — it’s a special type of wiring that constantly wants to return to its original shape, which helps move your teeth gradually over time. Powerprox moves at a faster rate and submits your teeth to far less pressure (not to mention discomfort) that comes along with traditional braces.

Powerprox Benefits

Powerprox Braces are especially great for straightening teeth that are crowded together, overlapping, even teeth that have gaps in between them of various sizes. Powerprox braces are simply faster and more comfortable than conventional metal or ceramic braces.
They’re also more discreet. Wires and brackets are clear, nearly invisible, and also correct your teeth from the back — rendering your orthodontic treatment nearly invisible to the naked eye.

More on Powerprox Braces

Traditional braces address both your front and back teeth while Powerprox Braces only address your teeth that become visible when you smile — usually just your front teeth. Powerprox Braces are, as a result, generally intended more for adult patients who might only need small, minor adjustments.
Please keep in mind that patients who are suffering from jaw pain or experience malpositioning in the back teeth that needs professional treatment should consult with an orthodontist about getting more traditional, full orthodontic treatment.

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