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Technology and design are constantly evolving, and the universe of toothbrush engineering is no exception. Take a look at these inventive brushes that make brushing exciting for kids and adults alike. They’re definitely not your mother’s toothbrushes!
Chewable toothbrushes: yes, that’s right — chewable toothbrushes! These are small, soft, round brushes with Xylitol in them. As you chew one like gum and move it around your mouth, it cleans your teeth and makes your breath fresher. Great for anywhere you have difficulty finding water or toothpaste for brushing. Throw it away when you are done.
Music in your mouth: Tooth Tunes are toothbrushes that pump music through your teeth straight into your head. You only hear it (from inside your head) when the brush is touching your teeth. These are great motivators for kids to do their brushing.
Light up timer toothbrushes: Firefly toothbrushes have fun “traffic signal” lights that flash for 60 seconds and then turn off, signaling to kids to switch from top teeth to bottom ones. The lights are fun, and at the same time provide a useful timer to make sure kids are brushing as long as they should be.
Designer toothbrushes: why should your toothbrush be boring? Toothbrushes are now made in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Designer toothbrushes are the perfect gift for someone who has everything and are a fun way to keep teeth brushing interesting.
The world’s first SMART TOOTHBRUSH! :  Beam is the first toothbrush that connects to a Smartphone app via Bluetooth and lets you monitor your oral hygiene habits. The brush can hold data for up to 49 brushings before you must sync it to the app. There you can view your data and see your progress. You can even earn points for meeting your goals and use them on Kiip, a real rewards program for virtual achievements.
At the Center for Beautiful Smiles, your Chula Vista and Bonita family dentist, we encourage our patients to brush 2-3 minutes a day twice a day and to get into a regular routine of brushing. If you cannot brush after a meal, be sure to rinse your mouth with water to remove food and sugars. We also recommend regular check-ups and cleanings. If you can’t remember when you last came in, call us today (619) 421-2155 and we’ll let you know when you should make your next appointment.

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