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How many of you parents struggle with getting your kids to brush their teeth properly? A lot, no doubt! Tooth brushing trauma seems to be a rite of passage for both kids and parents. Kids have as many sneaky ways of avoiding the brush as adults have tricks to get them brushing. As your Chula Vista dentist, Dr. Pham wants to root you on to not give up the battle. Good oral hygiene starts in infancy and supports health through old age.  Here are a few tips and reminders to keep your kids brushing those pearly whites.
You are their best role model. Let them see you leading the way by brushing at least twice a day for 2 minutes.
Brush together.  Brushing together keeps kids company (rather than being told what to do). In a busy schedule it can add a few extra minutes of together-time.
Make it fun. If you make tooth brushing time fun, you’ll rarely have anyone who complains about it. Teach them to hum funny songs or make toothpaste drool art in the sink, invest in funny timers, and/or give a little reward (on a sticker chart? or via a baseball card?) for every time they brush.
Use brushing videos.  Use the Children’s Oral Health Campaign’s 2min2x videos to keep kids engaged for 2 minutes while they brush.
Explain in simple terms why it’s important (and keep explaining — it will sink in eventually.) Did you know that cavities can lead to infection and bone disease, even in young children?
Give them a teeth-healthy diet.  Reinforce good brushing habits with healthy snacks including cheese, milk and high fiber fruits and vegetables. Some foods help remineralize teeth, others stimulate the flow of saliva and wash away bacteria that attack teeth, and still others dilute the effect of sugars.
Questions about helping your babies’ and children’s teeth? Give us a call any time, at 619 421 2155. At the Center for Beautiful Smiles we love to help you keep your and your family’s smiles beautiful!

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