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Reducing Oral Discomfort With Sensitive Teeth

Teeth sensitivity is a common problem. One of the main ‘side effects’ is the constant or recurring discomfort that presents in many forms. Tooth sensitivity …

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Dental Infections and the Link to Heart Disease

One of the leading causes of death in adults across the world is heart disease, and 30% of adult deaths globally are as a result …

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How to Fix Your Loose Dentures

One of the most prevalent issues with anyone that uses dentures is that they will over time become loose. Beyond just the physical annoyance of …

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Signs that Your Dental Crown Needs to be Replaced

  While dental crowns have an average lifespan of about ten to fifteen years, each crown is different and may need to be evaluated for …

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Why Stress Affects Oral Health

  Too much stress can cause serious health issues throughout the body including heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, obesity and in this case, it can affect …

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Tips to Teach Your Children about Flossing

Flossing is essential to maintaining excellent dental health, so it is imperative to incorporate it into your child’s routine as early as possible. Here are …

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