Adult Braces Affordability

Is affordability the factor holding you back from getting the adult braces you desire? If you are assuming they would be too expensive and haven’t really looked into it, you might be surprised at how, with planning, adult braces can be within your reach. Dr. Pham, your Chula Vista dentist at the Center for Beautiful Smiles, offers several different types of braces.
The cost of adult braces varies, depending on the type of braces you have, the region or area you live in, and the complexity of the dental issues you are addressing. It is safe to say that most braces fall somewhere between *$3500 and $6000 over the course of treatment. Again, this varies patient to patient and Dr. Pham can give you a personalized estimate at a free braces consultation.
Paying for adult braces can seem ominous when you look at the lump sums but all large expenses can be made affordable when broken down into smaller increments. If you imagine braces that are $3500, and break down the cost over 36 months, it works out to be about $97 a month, or about one Starbuck’s latte per day. When you think of it in these terms, and if you really want to have the teeth you’ve always dreamed of, making braces your goal becomes easier.
Starting an “adult braces fund” is one good way of preparing for the expense of braces. Look for discretionary expenses (the ones you don’t have to have) in your budget, put some of them aside regularly, and direct the money you would have spent into your braces fund. You can also let friends and family know that when gift-giving holidays and events come around you would prefer a contribution to your braces fund.
Another possibility is your health insurance. Some health insurance policies cover braces, at least partially, if they are considered medically necessary. Check with your insurance company directly and if they do cover braces, schedule a free braces consultation with Dr. Pham to see if your work is medically necessary. Many jaw and bite issues are.
Lastly, at the Center for Beautiful Smiles we partner with a 3rd-party financing company that can make your adult braces project a reality. Please contact us for more details.
If you have been thinking about straightening your teeth, or fixing your bite, and are ready to go to the next step, contact us today for a free braces consultation. You may also want to take advantage of our current Invisalign braces promotion – $1000 off!

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